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Where to Begin?

Where to begin?

The schools that attend the Boarding School Fair each September are communities that usually have connections in Bermuda. Word of mouth is always a wonderful resource, however, each student is different and finding the “right” fit is important. Looking for a junior boarding school, boarding school, or summer program could seem daunting but considered a fun and educational family activity. Students should be involved in this process as they will gain responsibility as well as ownership.

Websites provide many lists in almost any format. At times, these lists can be overwhelming but the most important list is the one you and your student create. What values, traditions, educational support, location, and school culture are important to your family? A terrific resource is The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) and they do not rank schools.  Check out their article, Why TABS Doesn’t Rank Schools. 

Fairs are wonderful launching pads to learn more about a school or program but the personal visit is the most important. Make the final decision after a visit to campus and time spent with students, faculty, coaches, etc….

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